Power Point Socket Installation Cost in Singapore

Power Point Socket Installation Cost in Singapore

It is becoming increasingly important for Singaporeans to understand the costs associated with installing power sockets, to ensure that their electricity needs are met safely and affordably.

The cost of installing a power point socket in Singapore can vary depending on factors such as the type of socket, location, and the electrician’s rates. However, here is a general price range for power point socket installation:

Standard Power Point Socket Installation

  • Installation of a standard single power point socket: $40 – $80 per socket
  • Installation of a standard double power point socket: $60 – $100 per socket

Weatherproof or Outdoor Power Point Socket Installation

  • Installation of a weatherproof or outdoor power point socket: $80 – $120 per socket

USB Power Point Socket Installation

  • Installation of a power point socket with built-in USB ports: $60 – $100 per socket

Heavy-Duty or Industrial Power Point Socket Installation

  • Installation of a heavy-duty or industrial-grade power point socket: $100 – $200 per socket

Power Point Socket Replacement or Relocation

  • Replacement of an existing power point socket: $40 – $80 per socket
  • Relocation of an existing power point socket: $60 – $100 per socket

Please treat these prices as estimates, as the actual cost may vary based on the specific requirements of your project and the electrician you hire. It’s always recommended to obtain a detailed quote from a licensed electrician like us before proceeding with the installation.

If the power point socket installation is part of a larger renovation or electrical project, the cost may be included in the overall package price.

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This article will provide an overview of the power socket installation cost in Singapore, including what’s involved in the process, where to purchase the materials for a safe and effective installation, and any associated costs. It will also detail the various associated costs that may increase the overall project cost, such as labour fee, warranty, and maintenance.

Through understanding the full scope of the power socket installation cost in Singapore, homeowners and business owners can become more informed and empowered customers.

Cost to install power socket Singapore

Installing power sockets in Singapore can be a pricey endeavour, but with careful planning and research, you can make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Depending on the kind of power socket you’re having installed, the cost of installation in Singapore can vary greatly.

If you’re looking to install a simple single-socket wall outlet, you can expect to pay an electrician up to S$100.

This would be for a basic installation, with labour charges included in the price. If you require additional components such as wiring or a junction box, the installation cost can rise up to S$200.

On the other hand, a double power socket installation can cost anywhere from S$150 to S$200, depending on components needed. Installing a triple power socket is a bit pricier and can cost upwards of S$250.

Before committing to a more expensive installation, it’s best to first determine the kind of usage you’re expecting of it over time.

Finally, to take full advantage of the installation cost in Singapore, you can ask an electrician to inspect the existing wiring in your home. This will not only allow you to save money on replacing any broken components or faulty wiring, but also give you an idea of what the electricity demand is like in your home.

It’s always best to be prepared for any eventuality before embarking on any power socket installation project.

Price per electrical socket

The cost of having a power socket professionally installed varies depending on the type of socket and the complexity of the installation.

Generally speaking, most basic single power sockets can be installed for around $50 to $100 including labour and materials.

More complex outlets, such as those that require hard-wired wiring in the wall, may cost up to $200 or more.

In Singapore, the cost of installation can be quite steep, especially if the electrician is required to come to you. There are a variety of factors that drive up the price, such as time of day, type of outlet, wiring involved, and even the particular electrician you hire.

That being said, the average price of a power socket installation in Singapore is about $120 to $180, not including materials and extras such as surge protection. It’s important to remember that the cost of installation is only part of the total cost of your power socket installation.

Depending on the type of socket, you may also need to purchase supplies such as cables, wire connectors, and specialized tools.

Also, if you’re having a power socket repair or replacement, then you might additionally pay diagnostic fees as well. All of these factors can add up quickly, so it’s important to be aware of the total cost before you make any decisions.

Singapore Power socket AMP

Power sockets play a basic but crucial role in the home by providing the ability to easily and safely access the electricity supply. Singapore is a unique city-state with varied infrastructure, so the cost and type of power socket installations may differ depending on a variety of factors.

When it comes to power socket installations in Singapore, the two major categories of socket type are 15A and 16A. 15A power sockets are typically used for domestic and commercial applications, while 16A are used for industrial applications.

In terms of installation costs, it is important to consider the type and size of the socket, the number of power points, the circuit breaker capacity and other factors. Electricians charge a base fee for most installations, and the actual cost of the socket may vary depending on brand, model and whether it is locally manufactured or imported.

The average cost for a 15A power socket installation in Singapore is anywhere between $50 and $150 depending on the complexity of the setup and the length of the wiring. It is also important to consider the cost of the circuit breaker, which can range from $90 for 2.5A, up to as much as $220 for 20A. It is also worth noting that if the socket to be installed is a 3-pin version, it is essential to ensure that it is certified by the National Environment Agency (NEA). An unauthorised power socket installation could lead to serious safety risks and fines, so it is best to work with a licensed electrician who can guarantee safety and compliance with safety codes and regulations.

change circuit breaker cost singapore

There are a few different things to consider when looking at what a change circuit breaker cost Singapore might be. The type of breaker you’re using and the complexity of the job will often play a role in the overall price you’re charged.

In many cases, the cost of changing a circuit breaker will really come down to the labor costs involved. Generally, the more complex the installation, the more the job is going to cost.

It’s important to remember, however, that the cost of changing a breaker can vary greatly depending on what type of circuit breaker you’re using, and how it’s being installed. For instance, if you’re looking to install a GFCI breaker, you’re likely looking at a substantially higher cost than if you were to replace a single-pole breaker.

This could mean anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the complexity of the job. Other factors that might affect the change breaker cost Singapore include the number of outlets and switches in the system you’re installing, as well as any existing wiring that needs to be replaced.


Furthermore, if a licensed electrician is required to perform the job, the cost of the breaker installation could be even more expensive. Overall, the change circuit breaker cost Singapore ultimately comes down to a combination of the complexity of the job, the type of breaker being used, and the number of outlets, switches, and wiring being handled. It’s important to understand these factors before making a final decision on the price.

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