TIPS - Top 10 Essential Tools

Top 10 Essential Tools
Are you always lacking the proper tools for fixing furniture, ceiling fan, bicycle, vehicle and your DIY projects? Of course, you will need to have the tools to take on these jobs, right? For many younger men these days, owning a well-equipped toolbox is something that only their dads do. Often when these men have a project, they have to go to someone else to take care of their handyman needs. But a man should be self-reliant. We should have the tools and know-how to tackle basic projects around the house.
If you’re one of those younger gents who just never got around to stocking a toolbox, below I’ve included a list 10 tools that you probably should have.
Believe me, once you get your hands on your own projects, you'll never want to lend them out, and you'll finally understand why your neighbour always grunts when you ask to borrow their tools.
Still thinking what do you need and what tools should you get? Here is my list of recommended tools that every man should own in your every day fixing needs.

10. A Household tools set
A must-have for every household, for your daily fixing job. Click here for doorstep delivery.

9. Electric Wood Planer
Electric Wood Planer is used for removing very thin layers of wood, trimming and smoothing, straightening edges or beveling them, and even adding a groove. This is the perfect tool for fitting any type of door. Click here for doorstep delivery.
8. Electric Angle Grinder
It to sharpen, polish, cut ceramic tiles (using the proper blades), and remove paint and rust. Click here for doorstep delivery.
7. Electric Metal Wood Cutting Tool
A powerful household handheld wood stone ceramic tile cutting machine electric circular saw multifunctional marble grooving machine woodworking sawing machine. Click here for doorstep delivery.

6. Miter Saw
A wonder power tool to cut wood with a hand saw at angles of (typically) 45 and 90 degrees. It is commonly used in order to get precisely angled cuts for all framing jobs. Click here for doorstep delivery.

5. Reciprocating Saw
One of my DIY’s favourites, it is generally used for remodelling and demolition work. Use it to cut openings in existing walls or with the right blade, it can also rough-cut leather, green wood, rubber, metal, and plastic. Click here for doorstep delivery.
4. Rotary Tools
A versatile tool is commonly used for detail work on a number of different materials. The interchangeable heads and blades make it the perfect tool for sanding, polishing, engraving, and cutting smaller items. A sure for DIY’s Pros. Click here for doorstep delivery.
3. Drill Press
A drill press is used for jobs that require precise drilling. The drill is mounted to a stationary base and is limited to straight, precisely aligned movement. Click here for doorstep delivery.
2. Car Wrench
A wrench tool kit that you never appreciate at all until the day you realized it, but it too late. Sometimes, you just need the correct tools to perform the correct job. Even you’re not a hand-on savvy person, you will appreciate them when it comes on handy. Click here for doorstep delivery.

1. All-time favourites, a Household toolkit with a 16.8v cordless drill or a corded impact drill.

One of the best combination for your Everyday Fixing Needs. Click here for doorstep delivery.



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